Steps to Get Started


Schedule a complimentary screening!

Schedule a complimentary screening! What is a screening? A screening is an informal measure of your child’s speech and language skills used to determine recommendations for further evaluation/treatment. At this point we can verify insurance benefits if requested.



Following the screening appointment, you will receive screening results and recommendations. If an evaluation is recommended, you will be entered into the TheraPlatform system and receive consent forms and an intake form to complete. An evaluation will be scheduled. If your child has had a formal evaluation in the last 6 months it will be reviewed to determine whether further information is needed.


Treatment Begins!

Following the evaluation, you will receive results in a written report with recommendations for treatment. If treatment is recommended, this report will include a proposed treatment plan. You will be given a good faith estimate of fees and proposed length and frequency of services.

Schedule a Complimentary Screening

Select 'Screening' to schedule, then proceed to fill out the Speech and Language Screening Permission form below.